The spring Premium Ripe Pu-erh – 2015 (30g)


Excellent loose leaf ripe Pu-erh. It was made in JingGu town with leaves harvested in 2015.
This tea has a brown sugar taste.

Brewing guide:
Recommended water temperature – 100 °C.
Use first infusion to wash the leaves. Brew it for 3-5 seconds and pour out.
You can drink it starting from the second steep. The taste become more prominent after 2-3 brews.
Use about 7-9 grams of tea per 100 ml of water for gongfu style brewing.
You can brew this tea 10-15 times depending on temperature and steep times.

I have drank tea more than 20 years in China.
All teas presented in my listings are my collections. I’m brought them to New Zealand and selling only the tea that I like the most.
Check my other listings for green tea, white tea, oolong, puerh (puer or puerh) and black tea (coming soon).

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the tea.
If you are looking for something specific that is not listed here, let me know and I will try to find it and add to my store.

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