Phoenix Dancong 1602(20g)

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Raoping, China, home of 520 tea, where Phoenix Dancong tea grows naturally, free of chemical sprays or fertilisers.

Pure air, lovely sunshine, clean water and fertile soil give the tea tree a remarkable freshness in flavour and fragrance that excites even the most jaded tea drinker.

Are solid and strong in dark colour,allowing up to 5-7 infusions from one serving.

Serving suggestion:

100ml – 120ml teapot can serve 7-9g leaves. First, using boiling water (almost – 95-100°C) to wash the tea for 1-2 seconds, then pour out the water. After that, brewing the tea with boiling water for 8-15 seconds, and pour out the water for drinking.

Storage suggestion:

Please keeps the tea in the dry and clean condition. Do NOT put the in the kitchen or under the basement.

Our products include green tea, white tea, oolong, Puerh (Ripe and pure) and black tea.

Please allow 2 – 3 business days for shipping.

Feel free to ask us anything about tea.

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